The Magic Picture CompanyThe Magic Picture Company
Custom hologram style pictures.
Using two photos you provide!
Upload photos from Facebook, computer, email, cell phone or postal mail them to us.
Hologram Style Photos
Look directly at it and see one photo. Look to the side and see a different image!
The most amazing picture you will ever see.

Look directly at the picture you will see one image. Look slightly to the Left or Right and see a different image! We will create one using any two photos you provide.
It magically changes between two photos.

It works just like a hologram, only better. Imagine a wedding photo that transitions to an anniversary photo, or a student to a graduate. The possibilities are endless!

It works using any two photos that you provide!
We were featured on TV!

Robin Swoboda Filming That's Life at The Magic Picture Company
Fox8 TV with Robin Swoboda

The Magic Picture Company was featured on Fox Television's "That's Life With Robin Swoboda" where we surprised her with her very own custom Magic Picture.

Not to be confused with a digital photo frame.

Treat your Magic Picture just like you would a normal photograph. It's as thin as a quarter so it can be placed into any standard frame. The holographic effect works both with or without a frame and uses no electricity.
Made in the USA. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our Magic Pictures are 100% made in the USA. Each is hand crafted by our own artists at our studios in Ohio using any two photos you provide. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
Ordering a Magic Picture is as easy as 1-2-3!

1 Click on the Order Now button.
2 Provide us the two photos and click checkout.
3 Your Magic Picture will arrive by postal mail.
Works with any two images. We will resize both.

Your two pictures can be of anything and any size. They do not need to be alike in any way. We will resize both images to either an 8" x 10" or a 5" x 7".
Look left to see one photo.
Look right to see the other!
Upload photos from Facebook, computer, email, cell phone or postal mail them to us.
Place into any frame.
A Magic Picture is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Chances are pretty good that your gift recipients have never seen a Magic Picture. Imagine the joy of seeing a picture magically transition between two photos of loved ones, family or friends.
Online orders can expect two weeks for delivery.

Once we receive your pictures it takes about two weeks for your Magic Picture to be hand made by our artists and shipped to you. Rush delivery is available, please call us for details. If you come to our retail location we can make your Magic Picture while you wait.
Imagine all of the endlessly creative possibilities!
Anniversary Gift

& Celebrations

  • Find a photo of the couple at their wedding. Black and white is fine.
  • Take a recent photo of them now. Maybe pose them the same.
  • Place it as a gift on their table at their Anniversary party.
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Wedding Gift

Brides Maids
& Groomsmen

  • Use a picture of the Bride and Maid of Honor posing together at wedding.
  • Combine that with a photo of the Groom and his Best Man together.
  • A gift for the newlyweds as well as the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.
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Graduation Gift

& School Gift

  • Provide us with the senior portrait of person who is graduating.
  • Also send us a photo of him or her as a youngster. Snapshots are just fine.
  • Give as a gift or usa as a decoration for the graduation party.
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Military Gift

Gift &Tribute

  • Send in a photo of the soldier in full uniform.
  • Include another picture when they were young, or perhaps of Dad as a soldier.
  • Makes a nice Father / Son tribute gift, and a keepsake for military family.
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Pet Gift

Pet Owner
& Remembrance

  • Look for a picture of the dog when it was puppy.
  • Transition in a photo of the precious pet fully grown and just as cute.
  • Would make a wonderful remembrance gift for any pet lover.
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Christmas Gift

& Holiday Gift

  • Search for an old photo of your family together.
  • Gather the family for a more recent picture posed in the same places.
  • Give copies to everyone as a holiday gift. (additional 8x10's are 1/2 price)
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Mothers Day Gift

Mothers Day
& New Baby

  • Obtain a picture of the ultrasound when Mother was pregnant.
  • Have it transition to a picture of the baby a year after he or she was born.
  • Now that is a unique Mothers Day gift that she will never forget!
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Fathers Day Gift

Fathers Day
& Birthday Gift

  • If Dad has an old car that he restored, find a picture of it before he fixed it up.
  • Provide us a current photo of the car, perhaps parked in the same way.
  • This gift is sure to turn more heads than the car when he takes it to car shows.
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Birthdays and Sports

& Sports

  • Consider a picture of them playing any of his or hers favorite sports.
  • They can even be playing different sports or perhaps an action shot.
  • This gift can make them look big league just like on the trading cards.
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